Гражданин! Мать - это республика, а папа - стакан портвейна.

Band AU in which Sansa is a solo indie folk singer and does a duo with Margaery & The Flowers (c)

GOT AU (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) || Sansa, the new assistant and Cersei, the ruthless Editor in Chief. Also, bonus Dinklage as sassy art director (with a fab mustache) and Nikolaj as the hot guy who unexpectedly turns out to be a total douche.
People still die tho…

The Godfather AU | Game of Thrones - The Lannisters
"The Mafia isn’t blonde!" - "It now is."
We report today that Mafia don Bobby Baratheone has been found dead in his house. His wife Cecillia’s family, her younger brothers Tyrienzio and Giami as well as her father Tyvaldo have taken over the illegal gambling bars of the Baratheone Family, as well as the rest of NYC’s organzied crime. We also report that Commisioner Edward Stark received a threat this morning, finding the head of a horse in his bedroom. Police believes that the Lannisters have wanted to send a message to New York’s chief of police — That’s it for now, and here is Lisa with the wheather.

"You’re a fool if you thought you were ever rid of Eddard Stark and Stannis Baratheon. They were Robert’s men and even in Robert’s death, they will avenge him. Stannis for the sake of the family name, and Ned for the sake of a friend’s memory."(c)

Modern!AU: Stark Sisters

"Could you watch Lady for a second?"
- “Mum told us to wait here.”
"Jeyne asked me to get her something. It won’t take long."
- “… Bring me frozen yoghurt.”

astarkbastard: something about brienne or podrick in a modern setting
"She didn’t understand why she picked up the kid, but she couldn’t leave him here, all alone."

Modern!AU: Night’s Watch friends (c)

AU MEME │game of thrones as a drama film set in the 1900s (c)

A Song of Inception and Fugitives - An ASOIAF/Inception AU (inspired by x)
Stannis Baratheon has never enjoyed his job as an extractor. It’s not strictly legal, but since his brothers would not go into the family ‘business’ and follow in their father’s footsteps, he took the job as his duty. Corporate drone Petyr Baelish has one last job for him before Stannis can go home to his daughter: he must perform an inception, to convince the last surviving Targaryen heir to break up the Tagraryen Military Industries so that Baelish’s employers flourish. With the help of a forger he’d rather not work with, an architecture student, his right hand man Davos and a Dornish expert on chemicals, he prepares for this one last job which seems impossible. Only… he has a Shade following his every footstep in the dreamscape…

Modern Day AU | Game of Thrones - The Lannisters
The Interwar Period
The First World War has not only split Europe, but also the Lannister Family. James Lannister, the oldest son of the Earl of Leicester is reported missing in combat and believed to be dead, leaving his twin sister and lover Cecille Lannister desperate and depressive, while the youngest Lannister offsping Timothy aspires to be a scribe, much to his father’s disregard.
But times are changing in the 20th century just as the family and when James appears on his father’s doorstep the day of Cecille’s engangement, nothing will ever be the same.

Stavos college AU where Stan Baratheon is the Dean of Students trying to negotiate a new food service option for his university, Melissa Anders is the company rep of Lord of Lite Dressings Vegan Food &Co, and Dave Seaworth is a fry cook who believes in the Seven food groups and provides greasy study snacks in secret on what students call Onion Night, named for Dave’s famous onion rings.
Sansa is a sophomore International Relations major, and loves Dave’s onions, but is nervous about speaking out against the administration (her scholarship donor also happens to be the president’s wife).
Developed in conjunction with the brilliant briskcactus on a very long bus ride.


They call us the swamp-dwellers, the frog-eaters, the mud men and the bog devils - but really we’re the crannogmen - we are of bronze and iron. Meet us at ice and fire. (c)


@темы: фанарт, персонаж: Лорас Тирелл, персонаж: Дейенерис Таргариен, персонаж: Арья Старк, персонаж: Эддард Старк, персонаж: Тирион Ланнистер, персонаж: Тайвин Ланнистер, персонаж: Сэмвелл Тарли, персонаж: Станнис Баратеон, персонаж: Серсея Ланнистер, персонаж: Санса Старк, персонаж: Ренли Баратеон, персонаж: Петир Бейлиш (Мизинец), персонаж: Оберин Мартелл, персонаж: Мира Рид, персонаж: Мелисандра, персонаж: Маргери Тирелл, персонаж: Жойен Рид, персонаж: Джон Сноу, персонаж: Джейме Ланнистер, персонаж: Давос Сиворт, персонаж: Варис (Паук), персонаж: Бриенна Тарт, медиа: арт, медиа: gifs

2014-07-13 в 19:56 

"С твоей любовью, с памятью о ней Всех королей на свете я сильней". / Шекспир Уильям/
У Давоса крутой костюмчик :)

2014-07-13 в 20:40 

el lobo pierde los dientes, mas no las mientes
столько всего вкусного! luksofors, спасибо за подборку! :heart:

2014-07-13 в 21:13 

Гражданин! Мать - это республика, а папа - стакан портвейна.
Sekaya, угу)
.mrs, я знала, что тебе понравится :33 всегда пожалуйста!

2014-07-13 в 22:07 

...узрел Красу на троне я и взгляд ее в себя вобрал, как вдох случайный.
АУ про еду в университетской столовке убило :lol:

2014-07-13 в 23:09 

Гражданин! Мать - это республика, а папа - стакан портвейна.
Journey-Long, серьёзные проблемы, не Железный Трон какой-нибудь :-D

2014-07-15 в 14:02 

Margot de Valois
маньяк-Иплофил, Матерь Иплов

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